Miami is the gateway for business between Latin America and Europe. With this in mind, from the outset, Energía’s business model has included but is not limited to, capitalizing on an increasingly important geographic relationship, which we’ve selected as our niche: “the 3 M axis” - Miami, Mexico City and Madrid. From our Miami headquarters, we are eager to assist any company or organization dedicated to increasing trade, tourism, investment and cultural ties between Mexico, Spain and the United States, and more broadly between the U.S., Latin America & the Caribbean and Europe. Energía is the only communications consultancy in Miami that specializes in promoting products and services in any direction, and that comfortably and successfully operates within these markets.

More than 350 Spanish firms currently operate in Florida with investments that surpass the $US300 million dollar mark. Among them are the powerful Banco Santander and Bilbao Vizcaya Argentina. Bilateral commerce with Spain borders on the US$1.2 million dollar mark annually, and this does not include commercial business Spain holds with third party countries through Miami. It is thus no surprise that Spaniards have dramatically increased interest in vacationing, buying property and establishing businesses in Miami and the state of Florida.

Concurrently, Mexico's trade with Florida through shipping ports, and airports in Miami and neighboring Fort Lauderdale, borders on $US2.7 million dollars a year. Mexican investment in Miami ranges from financial services, media groups, hotels and real estate. It is thus no surprise that Mexicans too have dramatically increased interest in vacationing, buying property and establishing businesses in Miami and the state of Florida.
Of the more than 2000 multinational firms in Miami, almost one third are Spanish and/or Mexican.

Our objective is to connect you to firms, investors, consumers and the general public in these markets. We have simultaneously operated for our clients in Madrid, Barcelona, Mexico City, Cancun, Monterrey, and of course, Miami.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the buying power of the Hispanic community has surpassed the US$70 billion dollar mark and is expected to increase to US$1 trillion in the near future. The Hispanic community in the United States has a buying power larger than that of Mexico and constitutes the second highest market after Brazil in Latin America. Within the U.S. market, Energía understands how to reach the multitude of different types of “Hispanics” that exist under this umbrella. Our competitive advantage in this arena is that we are fully aware of the large differences that exist among Hispanics in the U.S., and that there are different ways of reaching the Mexicans, Spaniards and Puerto Ricans in the U.S., for example.

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