How does a company or organization find the experience and international reach of a global public relations firm while securing personalized attention and timely consulting from a select group of highly skilled practitioners with global experience?

Established in October 2005, Miami-based Energía Communications LLC, offers the optimal synergy of both worlds. At Energía, we possess the necessary tools and resources to help our clients reach their business, organizational and societal goals.

Energía’s “boutique” style approach abandons the model employed by large global PR firms, providing faster action and reaction for our clients. Committed to carefully analyzing and understanding your business model, we deliver your messages rapidly and effectively locally and across continents.

Our Miami-based team of corporate communicators and public relations strategists has ample experience assisting organizations, companies and governments to increase their visibility and relay key messages to their target markets, with the ultimate goal of contributing to the bottom line.

Public relations services are less costly and results are more credible and immediate than advertising. At the same time, a public relations campaign can complement and add value to any existing advertising campaign.

Our internationally experienced petit comité has the same experience and capacity as public relations professionals at large agencies (we’ve been there), but we offer much more personalized service. We are committed to providing valuable results to our clients and to devoting full attention to their needs. We have few clients, so in order to accept new projects, we have to believe in the quality of their brand and business model. We are proud to say that we choose the clients we wish to represent, and will not represent organizations, companies or governments with business models we don’t feel have potential, and/or are not serious and ethical.

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